Easily make return labels for your customers

Easily create return labels

PostNL offers return-to-sender labels (Label in the box) along with their parcels. The Labelling API can create these labels at the same time as the label for the original shipment. Your customers can use these labels to return the shipments free of charge via a PostNL location. The return labels must always be addressed to a Business reply number (Antwoordnummer) and can only be used for Dutch Domestic products.

You can apply for an Antwoordnummer at PostNL for receiving prepaid parcel shipments at a PostNL Location.

  • A receiver can use the return label to return a shipment via PostNL location free of charge.
  • Track & Trace your Antwoordnummer shipments. The return label is linked to the outbound shipment label, which provides more insight into your return shipments.
  • The consumer has a return label at his disposal and does not need to address the shipment, thus optimizing operational quality.
  • The scans of the outbound and return flows are shown in the confirmation of PostNL parcels.

Single label

Besides Label in the box shipments, it is also possible to create single labels by using the Shipping API. The moment customers let you know they want to return a shipment, these labels can be sent or made available to download from their customer account.

Smart returns

You can offer your consumers the possibility of printing the return label at a PostNL location. An extra barcode will be added in the Shipping response by using the Single label product with an additional product option. You can share the barcode with consumers by email, so they can show this barcode on their smartphone at the retail location. The barcode will be scanned, and the return label will be printed.

Return labels Belgium

It is possible to request return labels in the same way for Dutch domestic return shipments (Label in the box and Single label). For the label in the box variant, you adjust your regular shipping label API call with some extra parameters. This results in an output of two labels, one initial shipping label and one return label. For the return process in Belgium, a printed label on the box is required. Labels cannot be printed within the PostNL pick-up points.

For more information, please refer to Product page Destination Belgium.

International returns

With the Easy Return Service (ERS) you give your customers abroad the opportunity to return a shipment free of charge. This can be done through a local post office in 23 European countries.?Parcels are then fully traceable by using this service.

Check the PostNL site for more information and the countries where this service can be used. Note that you must use the Shipping API v1 for this product, it is not possible to use the Labelling or Confirming API with this service.

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