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Our API’s are easy to use to meet your shipping needs and can be integrated into your website, e-commerce platform and/or backend application(s).

PostNL API's

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Send & track

Generate barcodes, shipping labels, confirmations and keep track of the status of the shipments.

Checkout & Delivery options

Control the checkout process and empower your customers to choose the delivery option that suits them best.

Address validation

Validate Dutch and international address data while it's entered.

Customer insights

Enrich your customer data and business data with valuable insights.

Bulkmail web service

Compose messages from your own to the PostNL BulkMail web service one request.

Supplier status

Keep track of quotations and collect and create work orders.

Working with PostNL API's

Understand the PostNL APIs landscape and use the right API for your needs.

For every question a different API solution.

  • Easily generate shipping labels
  • Let your customers choose when and where they want to receive their order
  • Automatically complete addresses in the checkout with address verification
  • Track your packages on the go with track & trace
  • Display sustainable delivery options in your checkout

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