Bulkmail webservice

Compose and send multiple messages

The BulkMail web service allows you to compose different types of messages from your own system and send them to the PostNL BulkMail web service in a request message. These messages enable you to directly give advance notification for shipments with PostNL and directly register shipments as a presented shipment.

Why use the Bulkmail webservice API

  • Save time

    Integration with your own ERP/Workflow system can avoid the need to enter your shipments twice.

  • Less effort

    Less effort is lower cost, but also less chance of error and management from your own process while keeping all the benefits of MijnPost. 

  • No extra costs

    There are no extra costs associated with the Bulkmail webservice.

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How to use

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Test environment

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What is the Bulkmail webservice?

In general, the BulkMail web service is available for all large MijnPost customer and mailing houses. Whether the benefits mentioned compensate for the investment depends on the number of hours employees enter and manage shipments in MijnPost. 

With the BulkMail web service, effortlessly compose various message types from your system and seamlessly transmit them to the PostNL BulkMail web service, facilitating advance notification and direct registration of shipments. In the response message from the shipment offered, you will receive the P1700 order form with which you can offer your shipment. Both the advance notification and the presented shipment can be consulted and processed further in MijnPost. All messages which can be sent agree with the manual entering or importing of shipments in the MijnPost module BulkMail.  

You can also have your address file be verified and sorted. If you want to present a sorted shipment, you will receive in the response message the result of the address verification and the sorted address database, along with the bundling and roll container labels (or pallet labels).