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Run the Parcels API Collection directly in Postman. The All Parcels API's collection contains: Shipping API's, Delivery Options API's and Track & Trace API request templates.

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We highly recommend to fork full collection to stay up to date with the latest changes in the source collection

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Run the Data Solutions API Collections directly in Postman.

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Adrescheck Nederland APIRun in Postman
Adrescheck Benelux APIRun in Postman
Adrescheck Internationaal APIRun in Postman
Aflevercheck APIRun in Postman
Geo Adrescheck Nationaal APIRun in Postman
Adrescheck Basis Nationaal APIRun in Postman
Klant in beeld APIRun in Postman
Bedrijfscheck Nationaal APIRun in Postman