Easily add delivery options to your checkout

Evening delivery, delivery to a PostNL point and choice of delivery date

Add delivery options with the Checkout API

The Checkout API is a 3-in-1 API that combines the functionality of the DeliveryDate, Location and Timeframe API’s. Which means it’s an easy way to implement all of these services at once. There is less overhead when requesting the PostNL services at the same time, which makes it even more attractive.

How do I implement delivery options to my webshop checkout?

1. Create the delivery window

The delivery window can be created based on the response data of the Checkout API. With the obtained timeframes the possible days and related (estimate) time of arrival of the products can be shown.

Use the customers address in the request to determine the possible timeframes for the given period. Avoid showing delivery dates and options that are not available.

2. Adding delivery options

By adding 'Options' (e.g. Evening, Sameday or Morning) to the Checkout API request, the delivery window can extend with delivery options. The API also check whether delivery ‘Options’ are available at the given customers address.

3. Specify the amount of PostNL-pickup

In the request of the Checkout API you can specify the number of PostNL pickup locations you want returned. This can be a value of 1-3 nearest PostNL pickup locations in the response.? The API?can be used to show the (nearest) pick up points based on the customer address or latitude/longitude coordinates combination.

4. Adding more address information

Customers can select a location by adding address information.?If you want to show more than three locations in your checkout (up to 20 locations), please look at the Location API. You will also find here more information about showing location within a supplied area.

5. Showing pickup locations on a map

To show pick up points in a map, you will need to apply an API key at the Google Maps platform. When customers enter another postal code, the list (and the map) will be updated automatically. For more information, please refer to the Location API documentation.

Our free visual assets can be useful when creating a delivery option frame in your checkout.

6. Opening hours and additional info for retail locations

You can also choose to show more information and opening hours of the retail locations.

For most of the products with destination Netherland or Belgium we offer several delivery options like Evening or Same day delivery. However, for some products, these options do not apply. Despite this restriction, it is still advisable to always mention something about the delivery in your checkout. You can find information about all the products on the Products page.

Products without delivery options

  • Mailbox (sized) products
  • International products
  • Extra@Home products
  • Cargo products

Related API's

Checkout API

All-in-one API for delivery options.

Timeframe API

The opportunity to display the possible day and time of arrival of the parcels in the checkout of a webshop.

Location API

The possibility for customers to choose if they want their products to be delivered at home or pick them up at a PostNL pick up point.