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thumbnailAddresses €

Validate address data while it is entered.  

Complete adresses during entry.  

Validate international address data while it is entered.  

Validates personal and address data.  

Enrich a Dutch address with geographical coordinates.

thumbnailCreditworthiness & Business information €

Validate Company data while it is entered.  

Reduce the number of fraud cases.  

Validate bank account data while it is entered.  

Limit the risk of payment defaults.  

thumbnailSend & Track

Generate unique barcodes to identify the parcels.

Send a confirmation of the parcels to PostNL.

Create shipping labels and send a confirmation to PostNL.

Receive status information about the shipments.

thumbnailDelivery options

Find out the expected delivery date or proposed sent date of the parcels.

Retrieve a list of pick up location(s) nearby or in a specific area.

Get time windows in which parcels are estimated to be delivered.


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