Add PostNL services to your webshop

Connect quickly and easily using our PostNL API's

Always the right address

Automatically add addresses during checkout with address validation.

Easily add delivery options to your checkout

Choose evening delivery, delivery to a PostNL point and choice of delivery date.

Prepare your parcels

Submit parcel orders, print shipping labels and send automatic track & trace emails.

How does it work?

Get started

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    Find your ideal API solution

    This portal helps you through select the API's you need and eventually guides you to every step of the development journey.
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    Login to MijnPostNL or request API key

    Sign up to access our API's and start creating amazing experiences. Already a PostNL Parcels customer? It is highly recommended to request and manage the API key via MijnPostNL. In this way, your customer data is directly linked to your personal API credentials.
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    Testing the API's

    You can test the API's without writing any code. Run the API Collections directly in the Postman application to test with sample requests.
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    Read the documentation

    Get familiar with our API documentation. The detailed essential information common to all of our services. You need to be aware of these conventions before integrating any of our API's.
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    Go to production

    Integrate the API's into your webshop, e-commerce platform and/or backend application(s). Our Technical Support team will approve the move to production and will provide you with credentials.

The Little Green Bag uses PostNL-APIs

How our API's have significantly increased customer satisfaction at The Little Green Bag.

We are continuously updating our platform and adding functionalities to our API's.

Do you use a webshop platform?

Does your webshop run on Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Lightspeed, Shopware or CCV? Good news! We have ready-to-use plug-ins for these platforms. You can add a plug-in to your webshop in 3 easy steps!

Need help?

See our Frequently Asked Questions

Want to manage your API's?

Log into your personal account to manage your API's. Already a PostNL Parcels customer? It is highly recommended to request and manage the API’s via MijnPostNL.