All-in-one API for delivery options

The Checkout API combines the functionality of the DeliveryDate, Location and Timeframe API’s. So you only need 1 API for showing all PostNL delivery options in your checkout. In this way it becomes easier to implement the delivery options and there is also less overhead in requesting the PostNL services by using this 3-in-1 API.

Why use the Checkout API

  • Delivery options

    To provide the possible day(s) of delivery, timeframes and PostNL pickup locations to display in the checkout of a webshop. Based on the address of the customer, orderdate and specified delivery options, you get timeframes and nearest PostNL pickup locations in the response.

  • Customer convenience

    Enhance your customer's online shopping experience by providing more control over the delivery of their purchased product. Integrate the PostNL frontend webservices into your checkout and empower your customers to choose the delivery option that suits them best.

  • More information and control

    To give your customers more information and control about the arrival of the parcels. Using the Checkout API gives your customers more information and control about the arrival of the parcels. But it is good to realize that it gives you, the webshop, also a responsibility to deliver the parcel on time by PostNL.

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