Deliverydate webservice

Key features

  • SOAP and REST protocol
  • The delivery date and send date can be requested
  • PostNL delivery days and dates you can handover are always up to date by using this service
  • Best practice: Use this service before you request the timeframes webservice

Why use the deliverydate webservice?

With the delivery date method you can determine the date that your customers receive the parcels, based on the date that PostNL receives the parcels from you. The cut-off times and the time you need to deliver the parcels to a PostNL location are important for the determination. 

It is also possible to determine the date you need to supply the parcels to PostNL in order to have the parcels delivered to your customers on a given shipping date.

Who can use it?

  • Merchants 
  • System integrators 
  • E-Commerce platform providers

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