Adrescheck Basis Nationaal

Key features

  • Correct address data: real time and effortless for end users 
  • Errors in spelling, reading and typing immediately corrected 
  • Increase 'first time right' supplies 
  • Easy implementation via API

Why use Adrescheck Basis Nationaal?

The ‘Adrescheck Basis Nationaal’ ensures that your (customers) Dutch addresses are completed during entry. You achieve efficient and correct input, by checking address data before it enters your software tooling, such as CRM and ERP system. This also improves the user experience of your customers, increases conversion and prevents returns and fraud.

What is the Adrescheck Basis Nationaal?

Complete a Dutch address within a range.

The API offers two methods:

1. postalcode - If the requested address exists within a postal code range this API returns status, streetname, city and area code based on requested postalcode and housenumber.

2. cityStreetName - This API returns NEN streetname and NEN City name based on requested postalcode.

See Documentation for detailed API settings and fields.

How does the Adrescheck Basis Nationaal work?

Simply use the API to complete a Dutch address that fits within known ranges of addresses. If you prefer a more thorough address check, to ensure not only a fit within a range, but also validate the actual existence of a Dutch address, please use Adrescheck Nationaal.

Who can use it?

  • E-commerce parties 
  • Independent (plugin) developers 
  • CRM users 
  • CRM integrators

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