Technical change specification

If you are using any version of the follow pre-announcing webservices (API’s), the product code content in field “ProductCodeDelivery” should be updated to match the new product code(s).

Updating to the latest API version is advised.

New product codes

Former product code​Service description​Recommended product codeService description​
4938​Deliver to stated address only​4941​Parcel Netherlands-Belgium + Deliver to stated address only​
4940​Parcels EU to Business (Delivery to neighbour)​*4946​Parcel Netherlands-Belgium​
4932​Parcels EU: Pick up at a PostNL location Belgium***​, *4936​Parcel Netherlands-Belgium + Pick up at PostNL***​
4944​Parcels EU to Business (Delivery to neighbour)*​4946​Parcel Netherlands-Belgium​
4950​EPS, toB Combilabel​*4946​Parcel Netherlands-Belgium​
4952​EPS, toC Combilabel​*4946​Parcel Netherlands-Belgium​
4985​EPS business delivery (EU) - Ma t/m Vr​*4946​Parcel Netherlands-Belgium​
4993​Pakketten EU via pickup point​4936​Parcel Netherlands-Belgium + Pick up at PostNL***​
4996​Pakketten Belgie. RBGG​4946​Parcel Netherlands-Belgium​
4983Belgium + Deliver to stated address only + Return when not home (Monday to Saturday)No changeNo change
4912Parcel Netherlands-Belgium + Signature upon delivery
4914Parcel Netherlands-Belgium + extra cover**

*all Parcels EU products include standard signature on delivery and standard coverage of €500,-. 

** Business rule Insurance amount (type 02) is required and cannot exceed the maximum allowed amount (€ 5000,-). Please find more detailed specifications in the corresponding Shipping, Confirming and Labelling webservices documentation. 

*** It is possible to let your customers choose pick up points in Belgium. It is mandatory to use a frontend location webservice solution to let your customer choose a pick up point. 

Please note: if you send parcels to other EU destinations with Parcels EU codes, you can still use these codes for EU destinations other than Belgium. 

Please note: for returns no change is needed. Please see ‘Destination Belgium’ and ‘Return label’ on our Products page for up to date information on returns.


For questions related to the new shipping products please contact your PostNL account manager. 

Questions related to the technical implementation can be sent to: