Technical instructions for sending to Belgium

There is a new productportfolio for parcels to Belgium called Parcels Netherlands-Belgium. This implies some technical changes, that will need to be implemented before 01-01-2022. After this date, you can no longer use any of the Parcels EU codes to send to Belgium. You can still use these codes for other EU destinations.

Changes due to the introduction of the new Belgium productporfolio:

  • Parcels towards Belgium will require the “Parcels Netherlands-Belgium” product (new). As a consequence:
    • Signature upon delivery and coverage until €500 are not standard included in the standard product “Parcels Netherlands-Belgium”
    • Extra services (such as signature upon delivery) will need to be included in the preannouncement (via the special productcodes for these services)
    • The label might change, because some services might not apply on the standard product

The technical consequences of this new productportfolio depend on the PostNL software you are currently using. Please select on the left your software or method of connecting with PostNL and follow the instructions.

If you are using software from a third party to connect with PostNL, please reach out to them for further instructions. They are all informed about our change.