Technical instructions for sending from Belgium to the Netherlands

On 01-01-2024 PostNL will launch a new product portfolio for sending from Belgium to the Netherlands. For customers this implies some technical changes in confirming shipments. These changes must be implemented between August 1st 2023 and January 1st 2024. During this period both the old and the new portfolio can be used.

Changes due to the introduction of the new Belgium product portfolio: 

  • The new product codes can be used in production starting from August 2023.
  • EU and Dutch domestic product codes cannot be used for sending from Belgium to the Netherlands beyond December 31st 2023. 
  • The EU product codes can still be used for EU destinations. Just not for Belgium and the Netherlands.
  • A standard shipment (4890) in the new portfolio does not have a signature and coverage until €500 included. These services can be used via the (4897) Extra Cover BENL product.
  • New products may result in a label layout change.

The technical consequences of this new product portfolio depend on the PostNL software you are currently using. Please select on the left your software or method of connecting with PostNL and follow the instructions. In case you have any questions about the changes being required, please contact your PostNL contact person.

If you are using software from a third party to connect with PostNL, please update to the latest version of software and/or reach out to them for further instructions. They are all informed about the new portfolio.

Overview of the new portfolio for sending from Belgium to the Netherlands

Product codeService description
4890Standard shipment
4891Signature on delivery
4893Delivery to stated address only
4894Signature on delivery + Delivery to stated address only
4895***Age check 18+ + Delivery to stated address only
4896Signature on delivery, Delivery to stated address only, Return when not home
4897*Extra cover
4898**Pickup at PostNL location, Signature on delivery

*all Parcels EU products include standard signature on delivery and standard coverage of €500,-. 

** Business rule Insurance amount (type 02) is required and cannot exceed the maximum allowed amount (€ 5000,-). Please find more detailed specifications in the corresponding Shipping, Confirming and Labelling webservices documentation. 

*** It is possible to let your customers choose pick up points in Belgium. It is mandatory to use a frontend location webservice solution to let your customer choose a pick up point. 

**** Combine these product codes with the following product option:

- product option: characteristic 002, option 014

Please note: if you send parcels to other EU destinations with Parcels EU codes, you can still use these codes for EU destinations other than Belgium. 

Please note: for returns no change is needed. Please see ‘Destination Belgium’ and ‘Return label’ on our Products page for up to date information on returns.