Choose from various plug-ins

  • Have your customers choose where and when they want to receive their order.
  • Easily create shipping labels.
  • Follow parcels while they are under way.
  • Automatically send a track & trace link to your customers. 

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How does it work?

How do you install them?

  1. Log in on Mijn PostNL and create an API key. To use the plug-in, you must have a business contract with us. Don't yet have a contract? Create an account.
  2. Download the plug-in which is suitable for your webshop platform. You can read how to do this in your platform's user guide.
  3. Open the plug-in in your webshop environment. Use the user guide to explore and configure all applications. 

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Experiences of our plug-in users

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Do you use different software?

Does your webshop run on different software? No problem! Our APIs are custom solutions for all platforms.

Need a different plug-in?

Did you know that our customers can also use the plug-ins of our subsidiary company, MyParcel? Click on the MyParcel website to see whether they have a suitable link for your webshop.