Customer insights

Klant in beeld

Enrich your customer data with valuable insights based on the address. Be more relevant in your communication to customers and increase your conversion rate. With customer insights you link your customer data to relevant address details. This allows you to get to know your customers better. You gain insight into their world, how they live and what their preferences are. This way, you know what to offer them and what not to. Which makes klant in beeld a powerful marketing tool to serve your customers in a tailored way and to increase your conversion.

Why use the Customer insights API

  • Customer insights

    Create complete customer profiles of your customers with insights that cannot be found online.

  • Relevant communication

    Personalize and make your communication more relevant towards your customers.

  • Drive marketing results

    Boost your conversion by increasing up- and cross-selling based on your customers’ preferences.

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Within the license, you are free to choose 10 features in total during the license period. If you have a parcel delivery contract with PostNL, you are able to combine features from both the general API and the premium API, as long as the number of features does not exceed 10. The premium features – exclusively available for customers with a parcel contract with PostNL - are delivered in a separate API and include all delivery features by postalcode (without house number). Please be aware that an additional fee will be charged when over 10 features are requested during the license period.