Adrescheck Internationaal

Validation and completion of international addresses

Want your international parcels to reach the right destination on the first go? In real time, the Adrescheck Internationaal API validates and complements filled-in address data from customers coming from around the world. When sending a parcel abroad, the address structure can differ per country. With our international address check, addresses in 170+ countries are automatically completed and checked for correctness. This way, you will always use the right address and prevent inconvenience during delivery. This leads to a better user experience for customers, less return shipments and a higher conversion rate.

Why use the Adrescheck Internationaal API

  • User experience

    The address data is validated real-time, simplifying and accelerating the order process for addresses in +170 countries.

  • Correct data structure

    The address structure is very dependent on the country, which can be even more complex in countries were multiple languages are used.

  • Data quality

    High, clean data quality based on a set of carefully selected data suppliers to deliver the highest quality address data. Fraud and cost reduction due to clean data when it is entered instead of cleaning it afterwards at higher costs.

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Documentation V4

View our exhaustive documentation of the Adrescheck Internationaal V4.

Documentation V1

View our exhaustive documentation of the Adrescheck Internationaal V1.

Documentation V3

View our exhaustive documentation of the Adrescheck Internationaal V3.


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