Adrescheck Nationaal Basis

Validation and completion of Dutch addresses

Are your parcels regularly returned because the address turned out not to be correct? The Adrescheck Nationaal Basis API validates and complements filled-in postal code data for addresses located in The Netherlands in real time (end of sale). Therefore, you will always use the right address and prevent inconvenience during delivery. This leads to a better user experience for customers, less return shipments and a higher conversion rate.

Why use the Adrescheck Nationaal Basis API

  • User experience

    Postal code data is validated real-time, simplifying and accelerating the order process. Prevents delivery delays and unnecessary return shipments.

  • Correct data structure

    Always the most recent and complete address data for addresses located in The Netherlands.

  • Easy integration

    Integrate into web shops and software tooling such as CRM and ERP systems.

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