Timeframe webservice

Key features

  • SOAP and REST¬†protocol
  • Get the possible day and time of arrival of the parcels
  • Timeframes based on the date, postal code and/or delivery option
  • An indication when the parcel can be received by customers

Why use the timeframe webservice?

The timeframe webservice provides you the opportunity to display the possible day and time of arrival of the parcels in the checkout of a webshop. Based on specified delivery options, you get timeframes in the response which are an indication in a number of hours when the parcel can be received. The indication is based on past experience and is dynamic data. The request must be done for each day because it is not guaranteed that for a given postal code the timeframe has the same timeframe a week later.

If there is no timeframe available for the given date, postal code and/or delivery option, then you get a reason why no timeframe information is available.
Using the timeframe webservice gives your customers more information and control about the arrival of the parcels. But it is good to realize that it gives you, the webshop, also a responsibility to deliver the parcel on time by PostNL.

Note: PostNL does her utmost best to reach the timeframes. However, it is possible that due to unforeseen circumstances the predefined timeframes will not be met.

Who can use it?

  • Merchants¬†
  • System integrators¬†
  • E-Commerce platform providers

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