Geo Adrescheck Nationaal

What is it?

The geo adrescheck nationaal API validates and complements filled-in address data for addresses located in The Netherlands in real time. The output address data is enriched with geographical coordinates such as latitude/longitude, ‘RijksDriehoekstel’ and ‘VierkantNetCode’. Therefore, you will always use the right address and prevent inconvenience during delivery. This leads to a better user experience for customers, less return shipments and a higher conversion rate.

Key features

  • Correct data structure: always the most recent and complete address data;
  • User experience: address data is validated real-time, simplifying and accelerating the order process;
  • No hassle: prevents delivery delays and unnecessary return shipments. For addresses located in the Netherlands;
  • Easy: integrate into web shops and software tooling such as CRM and ERP systems.

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