1. In your labelling requests, change the product code for shipments to the UK to a Parcels Non-EU (Globalpack) product code. See the table below for the advised codes. There is no “to business” variant for non-EU shipments. Please use our Labeling API version 2.0 or higher; version 2.2 is advised.
    Pre BrexitPost brexit
    4944Parcels EU Single label to Consumer4945Parcels non-EU Single label
    4952Parcels EU Combilabel to Consumer4947Parcels non-EU Combilabel
    4940Parcels EU Single label to Business4945Parcels non-EU Single label
    4950Parcels EU Combilabel to Business4947Parcels non-EU Combilabel

  2. As a consequence of the change in product, the barcode type will have to change as well. Please make sure you obtain a barcode of the “Parcel non-EU (Globalpack)” Type. This barcode is then to be used in your labelling/confirming call for this product. Check the specifications for the barcode types.
  3. Another consequence is that more information is required in a labelling or confirming API call. A Parcel Non-EU shipment requires customs information. You will need to add the mandatory fields from the customs type section and content type section in the labeling and/or confirming call. Go to a description of the required field formats.