Technical instructions for the Brexit

Brexit has its implications on the shipments to the United Kingdom. A different PostNL product will serve this destination. This implies some technical changes for our customers.

Changes due to Brexit for packets and parcels: 

Parcels towards GB will require the “Parcel non-EU” product (formerly known as “Globalpack”). As a consequence:

  • Customs information will become required. 
  • The label size will change to A4. 
  • You will receive a commercial invoice generated by PostNL from the customs information that is supplied. This is a service, so you always have an invoice to enclose with your shipment. You are free to enclose your own invoice when preferred. 
  • A different barcode is needed. Relevant for API customers only. 

Packets will require customs information for destination GB. Currently this data is optional. The label remains A5 size. 

The technical consequences of the Brexit depend on the PostNL software you are currently using. Please select the software or method of connecting with PostNL that applies to your situation and follow its respective instructions.

If you are using software from a third party to connect with PostNL, please reach out to them for further instructions.