Migration guide

PostNL has launched a new API platform. The former (CIF) webservices have been migrated to this platform, so that we can keep providing good service. To make use of this new platform you should implement the new endpoints. Documentation and the new endpoints can be found at the at the documentation pages (paragraph Calls details) of the Parcels API’s.  
See the Background information page for more information and additional tips.
Use the step-by-step card to be granted and use the API Manager. 
In the API Manager you will find information of which APIs are currently linked to your API account. This is based on the use of the CIF web services.  If an asterisk (*) is displayed next to the version of the API, then you are not using the most recent version. It is recommendable to  migrate to the latest version but this is not necessary. If you currently use a version/versions that will cease to be operational, the most recent version will be shown next to the API name.