Shipping status

Receive status information about your parcels

When parcels go through the PostNL distribution process, they pass certain checkpoints. In this process different scans are made; the information that is derived from these scans is valuable information about where the parcel is located in the distribution process. With the ShippingStatus API we are able to share these statuses with our customers.

Why use the Shipping status API

  • Real-time status information

    The current status and the complete status can be requested. With the Detail boolean in the request (true) gives you an overview of all the statuses that are given to the parcel throughout the distribution process.
  • Retrieve all your updated statuses

    With the method ‘updatedshipments' you can retrieve (all) the updated statuses for a particular customer number.

  • Restricted to your personal codes

    To match the customer data to the parcels by the combination of customer number and code. Only if the customer data and the parcels match, the information is disclosed.

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