Shipping webservice

Key features

  • REST¬†protocol.
  • Create labels and confirmations for your parcels.
  • Barcode webservice is included (optional).
  • Confirmation service is included (optional).
  • Provide multiple kinds of data like pdf, jpeg or ZPL II shipping labels.

Why use the Shipping webservice?

The Shipping API combines the functionality of the Labelling, Confirming, Barcode and Easy Return webservices. As of now you have an all-in-one API covering these functionalities, hence it is easier to implement the PostNL Shipping Services and overhead is reduced in requesting these services.

Barcodes and shipping labels can be created with this service, but it is also possible to send a confirmation directly to our server so PostNL knows a shipment is coming. This API has an integrated service that combines the services. The labelling service sends the confirmation to our systems and upon receiving the confirmation, the service sends back a prefilled label to be printed out and to be put on the shipment. This way, there is always a match between the information received and the label printed. This guarantees a smoother process in our distribution. Once you use this service, it is always up to date; changes to the label at our side are instantly processed.

This service provides you the possibility to produce a label for domestic use (in The Netherlands and Belgium) as well for Parcels EU and GlobalPack (worldwide) parcels. In the latter case, your label will contain the information PostNL and our European partner need to deliver your parcel to its destination in case you use combilabel product codes.

In this service it is also possible to create an Easy Return Services (ERS) label. The ERS label contains all information that is required for a cross-border return shipment. By using this service you can offer consumers abroad to easily return purchased goods. The customer in a relevant country applies the label to the parcel and drops it off for free at the local post office.

Who can use it?

  • Merchants¬†
  • System integrators¬†
  • E-Commerce platform providers

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