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[27-11-2020] Renewed product portfolio for parcels shipping to Belgium

As of January 1st, 2021, we have a renewed product portfolio for parcels shipping to Belgium. If you are using any of the Parcels EU product codes for sending to Belgium, change the product code for shipments to Belgium to a Parcels Netherlands-Belgium product code in your confirming and/or labelling requests.
Please make sure you use the Parcels Netherlands-Belgium before January 1st, 2022.
For more information, please visit this page where you will find all technical instructions for each of our IT connections.

[19-10-2020] Brexit - PostNL changes

Brexit is about to happen, which will impact postal and parcel movements towards the United Kingdom (UK). We would like to inform you on this, since there are technical changes required to keep on servicing our mutual customers.
From January 1, 2021, free movement of goods between the UK and the Netherlands will be restricted, and a customs declaration will be required. Via PostNL you will be able to digitally prepare shipments via the same method as currently is available for Parcels towards a non-EU destination.
The UK will be covered by our Parcel non-EU product after Brexit. For Packets, the product code will remain the same.
Technical changes are described on our Developer Center. As time moves on, Brexit impact becomes more clear and we will update our Developer Center accordingly. Please check the Brexit page.

[25-04-2020] Shipments to Croatia, Cyprus of Malta (HR, CY of MT)

From May 18 the EU countries Malta, Cyprus and Croatia will be classified as EU countries. This change takes place in our systems so if you have an PostNL integration you have to change this in your (shipping) system.

As of May 18th, Croatia, Cyprus and Malta will be covered by product 4944 (Parcels EU – formerly known as EPS), instead of 4945 (Parcels non-EU – formerly known as Globalpack). Label requests via API for these countries dated May 18th and later will result in an error.

[22-04-2020] Extra sorting indication Mailbox parcels

A letter from the receiving sorting center will be printed on the label of Mailbox parcels (Brievenbuspakjes). In this way, customers and PostNL employees within the operation can more quickly see to which sorting center the package should be sent.

The letter appears on the label of you use the Labelling 2.2 or Shipping v1 API. If you are not yet using one of this webservices, the advise is to update/upgrade as soon as possible.

Letter A Amsterdam
Letter R Rotterdam
Letter H 's Hertogen Bosch
Letter N Nieuwegein
Letter Z Zwolle 

[15-01-2020] Validation changes Labelling v2.2 and Confirming API v2

-An validation has been added on the Shipment.Customs.Content.Content.Weight attribute. According to the documentation this already had to be an integer; this is now being enforced.

-For International shipments (EU and Rest of Word), a validation for a maximum weight in the Shipment.Dimension.Weight attirbute has been added. This is now at 999 kg for now. This can be adjusted in the future to guarantee that we can process the shipments.

[21-11-2019] Cash on Delivery (COD)

It will soon no longer be possible to use the Cash on Delivery product codes. PostNL has decided to stop the cash on delivery service (rembours) in the Netherlands and Belgium from January 1, 2020.
The following product codes have been removed from the Product documentation page:

3086 COD
3091 COD + Extra cover
3093 COD + Return when not home
3097 COD + Extra cover + Return when not home

Belgium productcodes

4964 Belgium COD + Return when not home
4966 Belgium COD + Extra cover + Return when not home

[18-11-2019] PostNL Belgium retailnetwork

PostNL has created its own retail network in Belgium. The cooperation with Kariboo therefore will be canceled from 1 December. From this date, no Kariboo points will be returned in the Location API response.The Kariboo network code (LN-01) can therefore no longer be used in the Labeling and Confirming API. The network code (DownPartnerID for Labelling API request) for Belgium will be PNPBE-01 from now on.

[27-08-2019] Technical newsletter

PostNL is sending technical information nowadays. With this bi monthly newsletter PostNL inform tech savvy customers through API updates, integrated services, Tips & Tricks, new functions, plugins and partner channels. Also useful information about new functionalities in MyPostnl and the Developer Center can be read in this newsletters.

You can subscribe here for this newsletter.

Archive newsletter:
June 2019
Augustus 2019

[14-08-2019] Checkout API (BETA)

A beta version of the Check-out API is released. Combining the existing Timeframe, DeliveryDate, and Location APIs, it allows for quick and easy implementation of the PostNL delivery options while also reducing the risk of errors creeping in. For more on the new API, head over to the Checkout API.

[09-08-2019] Early Morning Pickup Points

Unfortunately the delivery option Early Morning Pickup Points is no longer viable. This delivery option (code PGE) is not an option anymore in the Checkout and Location API. This option will therefore disappear completely from 1 October 2019.
 The option "Pick up at a PostNL location' remains unchanged as a service. 

[01-08-2019] Evening delivery Belgium

From now on it is temporarily no longer possible to offer Evening delivery in Belgium. This delivery option is not an option anymore in the Checkout, Deliverdate and Timeframes API's and therefore not be shown in this API responses.
We will inform you in time when the delivery option is reactivated.

[06-06-2019] Postman Parcels API collections

From now on it is possible to run Parcels API Collection(s) directly in the Postman application. Postman helps you test and implement the Parcels API’s faster. The collections contains SOAP and JSON requests, are grouped together and organized into folders. The Postman collections are subdivided into the following groups: All, Shipping, Delivery Options and Track & Trace.

[02-04-2019] New specifications Pickup service Basic

A new way of confirming the product Pickup Basic (Afhaalservice Basis) has been introduced. The new way of confirming is live on the 1st of June. The currrent way of confirming can be used until the 1st of July.
It is a small adjustment, you can find the new product specifications and see the guidelines of the Confirming API.

[12-02-2019] New version Shippingstatus (v2)

A new version of the Shippingstatus API (v2) has been introduced. This version is only available in REST (JSON).
The method Updatedshipments has been added to the interface; this method returns the updated statuses for a particular customer number.

[25-01-2019] Versions upgrade Labelling and Confirming API

New versions of the Labelling (v2.2) and Confirming (v2) have been introduced.  Please check the Versioning paragraphs of the API's to see what have been changed compared to the previous versions.

[11-01-2019] Checkout Postalcode Check

A new API has been introduced to validate address data while it is entered.
Free* API for use in webshop checkout.
Please check the documentation for more information.

*Only free of charge for PostNL Parcels contract customers.

[08-01-2019] Second Belgium retailnetwork

A new Belgium retailnetwork has been added to the services. The attribute DownPartnerID for Pickup at PostNL location can now contain the value PNPBE-01 in addition to the already existing code LN-01. Please check the Labelling and/or Confirming API documentation for more information.