[04-11-2019] End of TLS 1.1 support as of 1 February 2020

At the beginning of October we implemented a DNS change on our API platform to further improve our services. As of February 2020, the TLS 1.1 internet protocol will no longer be supported on the API platform due to outdated security standards. The DNS change has already been applied to the Sandbox environment of our APIs. In this environment it is possible to perform test calls, to see if a connection can be made with the new environment after changing the encryption protocol. Information about the Sandbox environment can be found at our Developer Center.

[16-10-2019] API Availability

From now on, you can check the Developer Center if you suspect a technical failure of the API’s. Availability is indicated per API category and will be shown at this page. If there are problems with the APIs, you can assume that the same problems will occur if you have a connection via a third-party logistics partner and / or use our plugins. 

The status of the APIs is checked every minute. Refreshing the page shows the most recent status and time of checking. 

[27-08-2019] Technical newsletter

PostNL is sending technical information nowadays. With this bi monthly newsletter PostNL inform tech savvy customers through API updates, integrated services, Tips & Tricks, new functions, plugins and partner channels. Also useful information about new functionalities in MyPostnl and the Developer Center can be read in this newsletters.

You can subscribe here for the PostNL technical newsletter.