Legacy Bontenbal


The PostNL Pakketten API can be used with a variety of PostNL Pakketten shipping products. Each shipping product requires to be agreed upon in a contract between PostNL Pakketten and customers. The product codes mentioned must be used in various requests. The combilabel product codes are mapped to regular product codes.

Some specific product codes have different business rules which they need to comply with.

15000Standard shipment
15000Deliver to stated address onlyBEZ004.001
15000Delivery to neighbourBEZ004.001
15000Return when not homeONB002.001
15000Extra coverPAK0003
15000Signature on deliveryBEZ003.001
15000Pickup at PostNL locationBEZ004.004
15000Delivery notification (sms)INF002.004
15000Early morning pickup at PostNL locationPAK0006
15000Age check 18+PAK0016
15000Birthdate checkPAK0017
15000ID checkPAK0018
15000Dangerous goods (limited quantity)GOE003.001
15000Label in the boxRET003.001
15000Evening deliveryPAK0004
15000Sunday deliveryPAK0005
15000Sameday deliveryPAK0014
15000Delivery on demandBEZ002.007
15000Guaranteed delivery before 09:00BEZ002.008
15000Guaranteed delivery before 10:00BEZ002.003
15000Guaranteed delivery before 12:00BEZ002.004
15000Guaranteed delivery before 17:00BEZ002.006
15001Food (dry groceries)
15001Food (cool products)7130
15001Early morning Monday to Friday (06:00-08:00)BEZ002.020
15001Morning Monday to Friday (08:00-13:00)BEZ002.019
15001Evening (17:00-22:00)BEZ002.001
15001Sunday (17:00-20:00)BEZ001.007
15001Age check 18+PAK0016
15001Signature on deliveryBEZ003.001
15002Single return label
15002Smart returnsVPK006.012
20200Mailbox parcel
20800Registered letter labels
20800Age check 18+BEZ010.001
20800Birthdate checkBEZ010.002
20800ID checkBEZ010.003
15004Pickup plus (pickup order)5
15000Pickup plus (delivery order)8
15100Destination Belgium
15100Deliver to stated address onlyBEZ004.001
15100Delivery to neighbourBEZ004.002
15100Return when not homeONB002.001
15100Extra coverPAK0003
15100Signature on deliveryBEZ003.001
15100Pickup at PostNL locationBEZ004.004
15100Label in the boxRET003.001
15100Single return label BE->NL3
16007Single return label BE->BE3
16002Netherlands to Belgium
16002Pickup at PostNL locationBEZ004.004
16003Pickup at PostNL location (no insurance)BEZ004.004
16002Delivery Monday-FridayBEZ001.010
16002Evening deliveryBEZ002.001
16002Label in the boxRET003.001
16002Destination EU
16002To businessBEZ001.010
17000Destination Rest of World
17001Direct parcel to China