Pre-alerting change to use additional services for International products

Next year, we’re renewing our international packet and parcel portfolio. This will make it possible to select additional services per product. The choice of services offers you extra flexibility. You can easily choose per item which service you require. Do you send valuable items? Then you can choose to send the item with an insurance. Or do you prefer a cheaper option? Simply turn off the proof of delivery (signature) for that item.

The new additional services will be available per the 1st of January 2023. In order to profit from our new international services, we ask you to adjust the way of pre-alerting in advance. Please see the instructions to adjust your way of pre-alerting below.

Pre-alerting using the current API set up (productcodes + options)

The PostNL API can be used with a variety of PostNL products. Using the current API set up in combination with the options segment enables you to unlock the new International Parcel product portfolio, while also allowing you to use our new add on services.

See product codes and options

Example call current API set up (productcodes + options)

EU of non-EUServiceOld ProductCodeDeliveryNew ProductCodeDeliveryCharacteristic & Option ICharacteristic & Option II
Parcel EU (2C)Track&Trace Insured Plus4952/49444907004-016101-012

"ProductCodeDelivery": "4907",
            "ProductOptions": [
                    "Characteristic": "004",
                    "Option": "016"
                    "Characteristic": "101",
                    "Option": "012"

Characteristic & Option

This segment is used to indicate the required service per product specifically for the International Parcel products.

Characteristic & Option I

005-025 stands for a service including track&trace

004-015 stands for a service including track&trace, proof of delivery and insured up to €50,-

004-016 stands for a service including track&trace, proof of delivery and insured up to €500,-

Characteristic & Option II (only relevant for Parcel EU shipments)

101-012 indicates a 2C shipment, recipient is a consumer

101-013 indicates a 2B shipment, recipient is a business

For more information please contact your Account Manager or IT consultant.