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[06-06-2019] Postman Parcels API collections

From now on it is possible to run Parcels API Collection(s) directly in the Postman application. Postman helps you test and implement the Parcels API’s faster. The collections contains SOAP and JSON requests, are grouped together and organized into folders. The Postman collections are subdivided into the following groups: All, Shipping, Delivery Options and Track & Trace. 

[02-04-2019] New specifications Pickup service Basic

A new way of confirming the product Pickup Basic (Afhaalservice Basis) has been introduced. The new way of confirming is live on the 1st of June. The currrent way of confirming can be used until the 1st of July.
It is a small adjustment, you can find the new product specifications and see the guidelines of the Confirming API.

[12-02-2019] New version Shippingstatus (v2)

A new version of the Shippingstatus API (v2) has been introduced. This version is only available in REST (JSON).
The method Updatedshipments has been added to the interface; this method returns the updated statuses for a particular customer number.

[25-01-2019] Versions upgrade Labelling and Confirming API

New versions of the Labelling (v2.2) and Confirming (v2) have been introduced.  Please check the Versioning paragraphs of the API's to see what have been changed compared to the previous versions.

[11-01-2019] Checkout Postalcode Check

A new API has been introduced to validate address data while it is entered.
Free* API for use in webshop checkout.
Please check the documentation for more information.

*Only free of charge for PostNL Parcels contract customers.

[08-01-2019] Second Belgium retailnetwork

A new Belgium retailnetwork has been added to the services. The attribute DownPartnerID for Pickup at PostNL location can now contain the value PNPBE-01 in addition to the already existing code LN-01. Please check the Labelling and/or Confirming API documentation for more information.