Shippingstatus webservice

Key features

  • Tracking the parcels based on the barcode of the shipment
  • Current and complete status of the parcels can be requested
  • Requesting statuses are restricted to customernumber (and code)

Why use the shippingstatus webservice?

When parcels go through the PostNL distribution process, they pass certain checkpoints. In this process different scans are made; making sure the parcel has arrived at the next point. The information that is derived from these scans is valuable information about where the parcel is located in the distribution process. With the ShippingStatus webservice we are able to share these statuses with our customers. Upon entry of either the shipment tracking number or shipment reference number, information can be requested regarding the status of a parcel.

The statuses about the parcels are restricted to a customer number and code. Only if the customer data and the parcels match, the information is disclosed.

The current status and the complete status can be requested from this webservice. The complete status gives you an overview of all the statuses that are given to the parcel throughout the distribution process. The fastest way to know where a parcel is located in the distribution process is to request the current status of the parcel.

It is also possible to request the signature of the receiver. The image is returned as a GIF image and can be requested for all shipments which require a signature.

Who can use it?

  • Merchants
  • System integrators
  • E-Commerce platform providers

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