Confirming webservice

Key features

  • SOAP and REST┬áprotocol
  • Create and send confirmations of the parcels
  • Let PostNL know that the parcels are coming in the distribution process
  • Confirmation service is also included in the Labelling webservice

Why use the confirming webservice?

To guarantee the level of service, we need to make sure the right information reaches us in a correct way and within as little time as possible. The better and more complete the information about the parcel, the more likely the chance it will be delivered on time and to the right receiver.

The confirming process is tailored to send a package of information about every parcel separately, instead of accumulating it at the end of the day and sending it per batch. This is done to prevent whole batches of information somehow failing to be received at our end, and enables us to give real-time feedback per parcel that is sent to us, so that you can immediately take action when an error is returned.

Who can use it?

  • Merchants
  • System integrators
  • E-Commerce platform providers

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