Use case

1) How do I implement PostNL in the webshop checkout?


2) How do I process the orders (and delivery choice of the consumers)?


3) How do I prepare the shipments?

Step 1

Fast and reliable delivery by PostNL
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Step 2

Process customer name and address details + product info
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Step 3

Print labels and send a confirmation to PostNL
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4) How do I communicate the order status to my consumers and customer service employees?


5) How does the return process work for me and my customers?




Step 4

Track and trace the parcels
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Step 5

Create return labels
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1. How do I implement PostNL in the webshop checkout?

If you offer a variety of solutions for the delivery of online orders, it will be a guarantee to increase sales. With the PostNL delivery options you offer customers convenience and control when and where to receive the parcels. Flexible, fast and at the desired time.

So depending on what you want to send, it is recommended to implement these options in your checkout. For most Dutch Domestic products we offer several delivery options. But for some products it is not possible to show PostNL information about receiving the products. But despite these restriction, it is still advisable to mention something about the delivery.

First of all choose what kind of products you want to send. If you send products without delivery option possibilities, you go to Step 2.

I send: **

* If you send a combination of the above products and one of these products are Dutch domestic products; you can only implement the available PostNL delivery options in your checkout for the Dutch domestic products.

1.1 How do I implement delivery options in the webshop checkout?

Enhance your customer's online shopping experience by providing more control over the final delivery of their purchased product.

Integrate the PostNL frontend webservices into your checkout and empower your customers to choose the delivery option that suits them best.

Bezorgopties1 - barcode webservices

Bezorgopties2 - locatie - barcode webservices

The Visual assets can be useful to create a delivery options frame in your checkout.

1.2 Technical documentation

1.3 Excluded products

For the below products, it is not possible to let your customers choose the day and time of arrival or te send these products to a PostNL pickup location. 

  • Mailbox sized parcels
  • International (EPS and GlobalPack)
  • Extra@Home
  • Cargo

You can find information about this products at the Products page. Use this information in the order data processs (step 2).

2. How do I process the orders (and delivery choice of the consumers)?

First of all you determine the delivery date and/or delivery options of the shipments. To process the orders you also need the
Name, Address and City data of the consumers and make sure that you use the right product code for the delivery.
Each shipping product has it’s own product code and business rules and must be used in various requests.

Please take a look at the Products page for more information about the possibilities, business rules and validations.

For example:
If you want to process an Evening delivery you must combine the product code with the following product options; characteristic 118, option 006.
In addition to the standard business rules the following information is required:

  • Delivery date is required.
    (Evening delivery must be allowed on the given delivery date)
  • Receiver address fields required:
    • Company name or last name
    • Street
    • Home number
    • Postcode
    • City
  • Evening delivery must be allowed on the address specified
  • Receiver contact mobile or email is required.

3. How do I prepare the shipments?

  • Create barcodes
    The barcode is an unique combination of letters and numbers that is used to identify your shipment and is based on your customer code and number.
    Use this barcode in the request of the labelling webservice.
    Barcode webservice
  • Create labels
    When using the GenerateLabel with confirming method, the Confirming service does no longer need to be integrated in your system, for it is into this service.
    Labelling webservice
  • Send a confirmation of the shipments.
    The confirmation contains information about who is sending and receiving it, what country and city it must go to, and if additional delivery services are applicable.
    Confirming webservice

4. How do I communicate the order status to my consumers and customer service employees?

  • Retrieve or get status information of the parcels automatically.
    Use the barcode (step 3) or your own reference to track the parcels. Integrate this shipping status webservice in your backoffice system(s) or customer account environment and get (current) status information of the parcels.
    ShippingStatus webservice
  • Online Track & Trace service.
    With this online service, you and/or your customers can check the delivery status of the shipments quickly and easily. You can use this service when you want to send transactional e-mails with delivery information to your customers. Also possible for internal use, like for customer service. Your employees will then be returned to Mijn PostNL, where they can access detailed Track & Trace information. |
    Direct links Track & Trace

5. How does the return process works for webshops and consumers?

  • Label in the box
    PostNL offers the possibility of sending return labels along with parcels.These labels can be created by using the labelling webservice (see step 3) at the same time you create the label for the original shipment. Your customers can use this labels to return the shipments free of charge via a PostNL location.
    Example label in the box request
  • Single label
    It is also possible to create single labels by using the labelling webservice. This labels can be made at the moment customers let you know to return their shipment. The labels are not linked to the original shipments. Send the return labels by email or make it possible to download the return label in the customer accounts. Your customers can print the labels and return the shipments via a PostNL location (free of charge).
    Example single label request

Note: The return labels must always be addressed to a Business reply number (Antwoordnummer) and can only be used for Dutch Domestic products.