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Klant in beeld Premium v1


The klant in beeld Premium API is exclusively available for customers with a parcel contract with PostNL. Use this API to get real-time information about all 473 thousand Dutch postal codes to gain customer insights on e-commerce and delivery features. And increase your conversion rates through personalized and relevant communication.

Methods and endpoints


Required headers

Header keyHeader valueMandatory/optional
apikeyYour apikeyMandatory

Input parameters

PostalCodeMandatoryString [6]1234AB
HouseNumberMandatoryString or Number [1-5]123 (only numerical values allowed)
HouseNumberAdditionOptionalString [0-6]A / a / a2
SelectionMandatoryArray of strings["Segments", "LivingArea", "CommercialActivity"]

Explanation of field ‘Selection’

With the Selection input field, you can select the fields you want to get. 

This input field expects an array of strings, where each string contains the name of the output field you are interested in. There is an extra option: you can also select a full domain by using the name of the domain instead of listing all its corresponding fields. If you mistype or use a fieldname that is not listed, it will be ignored. Please be aware that an additional fee will be charged if more than 10 different fields (basic and premium combined) are requested during the license period.

Output parameters

The expected output depends on the fields you have selected, the Address domain is always returned.

You can find all output fields, including their descriptions and formatting in the downloadable documentation.

Example request & response

RequestResponseResponse translated to insights


     "PostalCode": "2521CA",

     "Selection": [ "Frequency", "Loyalty", "Electronics"]




    "Address": {

        "PostalCode": "2521CA"


    "ParcelDelivery": {

        "Frequency": {

            "Frequency1": 4,

            "Frequency2": 8,

            "Frequency3": 0,

            "Frequency4": 12,

            "Frequency5": 12,

            "Frequency6": 17,

            "Frequency7": 46



        "Loyalty": {

            "Loyalty1": 33,

            "Loyalty2": 8,

            "Loyalty3": 8,

            "Loyalty4": 25,

            "Loyalty5": 25




        "Electronics": {

            "Electronics1": 16,

            "Electronics2": 20,

            "Electronics3": 64





Frequency (deliveries per year):
Extremely low (0-1): 4%
Very low (2-5): 8%
Low (6-11): 0%
Average (12-19): 12%
High (20-31): 12%
Very high (32-51): 17%
Extremely high (52+): 46%

Very low: 33%
Low: 8%
Average: 8%
High: 25%
Very high: 25%

Electronics, not very interested: 16%
Electronics, rather interested: 20% Electronics, very interested: 64%

Possible HTTP status codes

HTTP status codeExplanation of the response
200JSON response with requested data. If no address if found, an empty list is returned.
400Error on customer-side. E.g. when not enough parameters are given.
500Error on PostNL side.


You can find all response labels, including their descriptions in the downloadable documentation.

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