Bedrijfscheck Nationaal

Before purchasing you can try the API for free with a limited quota (250 calls). Please register via Request API key in order to receive your credentials for testing.

Key features

  • Illuminate company information
  • Know who you are doing business with
  • Explore companies’ details, from address to legal status to areas of responsibility
  • Prefill company information in your CRM
  • Easy implementation via API

Why use the Bedrijfscheck Nationaal?

The ‘Bedrijfscheck Nationaal’ lets you confirm and explore the companies you are doing business with. Use both exact searches – like a Chamber of Commerce registration - and more fuzzy searches on company name(s) and addresses.

Drill down on your search results and find detailed information about companies. Improve the user experience of your customers, increase conversion and prevent fraud.

What is the Bedrijfscheck Nationaal?

Bedrijfscheck Nationaal is a set of API’s designed to illuminate companies, organizations and associations.

Who can use it?

  • E-commerce parties / merchants 
  • Independent (plugin) developers 
  • CRM integrators

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