Adres in Beeld / Address Insight

What is Address Insight?

An API that gives real-time insights of 7.7 million Dutch households.
Please note that the Premium version is only available to customer who send parcels through PostNL.

Based on your input and requested data, we return insights in several domains:

1. Address (always returned) 
2. Segments 
3. Residence 
4. Socio-economic 
5. Socio-demographic 
6. Commercial activity 
7. Delivery preferences (only available in Premium) 
8. Areas of interest (only available in Premium)

See Documentation tabs for detailed API settings and fields.

Key features

  • Get to know more about your customers and their address
  • Increase 'up- and cross-selling' based on your customers’preferences
  • Find the right tone of voice in communications, based on customer segments
  • Easy implementation via API

Why use Address Insight?

Communication becomes effective when it’s personal and relevant. For this you need customer insights. By connecting Address Insight to your customer base, you will add a great amount of knowledge on address-level. With this information, you can align your communications to your customers’ preference, thus increasing your conversion-rate with personal, and relevant offers.

Who can use it?

  • E-commerce parties
  • Independent (plugin) developers

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