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Geo Adrescheck Nationaal


Simply use the API to enrich Dutch address data that is entered in your webshop or CRM.


The following methods are defined within the Geo Adrescheck Nationaal.

MethodDescription that validates national addresses in a general format (send any of a list of pre-defined fields).

Use of services

Calling a service

A service is called by sending a message to a service endpoint. The message contains a header with security information (API-key) and the content type. The body contains the service method and related parameters.

Each message that is received by the API is authenticated and authorized. The authorization mechanism determines if the user has access to the requested service.

After processing the request, the service will return a message with a response. The message contains a body with the information.

Parameter specification / field order

For each API, the parameters of a service are specified. Also, the behavior of these parameters are detailed. It is important to maintain the exact order of the fields as specified in the documentation. Changing the order of fields will result in unspecified errors returned back at the client.

Security information

Each service is secured with an API-key. You can find your API-key in API Manager. Quotamanager is secured with a username and password. If you don’t have credentials for Quotamanager yet, please fill in the form on this link.

Call details

Preview the API call buildup below.



    "PostalCode": "2132WT", 
    "City": "Hoofddorp",
    "Street": "Siriusdreef",
    "HouseNumber": "42",
    "Addition": "A"


    "City": "HOOFDDORP",
    "PostalCode": "2132WT",
    "Street": "Siriusdreef",
    "Addition": "A",
    "FormattedAddress": [
      "Siriusdreef 42 A",
      "2132WT HOOFDDORP"
    "Geocode": {
      "latitude": 12.345678,
      "longitude": 1.2345,
      "rdxCoordinate": 123456.78,
      "rdyCoordinate": 123456.789


Country String [2]The ISO2 country codesNLD
Street String [0-95]The street name of the delivery address.Siriusdreef
HouseNumber String [0-35]The house number of the delivery address42
Addition String [0-35]House number extensionA
PostalCode String [4-10]Zipcode of the address2132WT
City String [0-35]City of the addressHoofddorp

The following output parameters are returned:

StreetString [0-95]The street name of the delivery address.Siriusdreef
HouseNumberString [0-35]The house number of the delivery address42
AdditionString [0-35]House number extensionA
PostalCodeString [4-10]Zipcode of the address2132WT
CityString [0-35]City of the addressHOOFDDORP
FormattedAddress3 Strings [0-95]Full formatted addressSiriusdreef 42 A 2132WT HOOFDDORP
rdxCoordinateStrings [10]Rijksdriehoek coordinate199735
rdyCoordinateStrings [10]Rijksdriehoek coordinate307365
latitudeStrings [10]LatLong coordinate52.09061
longitudeStrings [10]LatLong coordinate5.12143