Aflevercheck / Addresscheck Deliverypoint

Key features

  • Correct address data: real time and effortless for end users
  • No errors in spelling: the API returns a formatted address
  • Increase 'first time right' supplies
  • Reduce potentially fraudulent orders
  • Easy implementation via API

Why use Aflevercheck?

The Aflevercheck ensures that your (customers) Dutch addresses are correct and actually deliverable addresses. Other buildings such as ‘transformer housing’ are also assigned addresses in the Netherlands. Your customers might therefore use this address by typo’s or for fraudulent reasons. This API not only corrects your customers’ input before it enters your software tooling, but also informs you on the number of mailboxes and/or deliverypoints. This improves the user experience of your customers, increases conversion and prevents returns and fraud.

What is the Aflevercheck?

An API to check and complement a Dutch address and know whether it is actually deliverable.

The API corrects your customers input:

1. Spaces in PostalCode, HouseNumber and HouseNumberAddition are removed.
2. Uncapitalized letters in the PostalCode are capitalized.
3. Characters such as .;/<> are removed from the PostalCode and HouseNumberAddition.

The API returns all address fields separately, and in a formatted address to simplify implementation in your systems.

See Documentation for detailed API settings and fields.

How does the Aflevercheck work?

Simply use the API to check and complement a Dutch address and receive information about it’s delivery information. If you prefer to only check an address without additional data (such as mailboxes, delivery points and lot codes), please use Adrescheck Nationaal.

Who can use it?

  • E-commerce parties
  • Independent (plugin) developers
  • CRM users
  • CRM integrators

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