Adrescheck Basis Nationaal


Simply use the API to check Dutch address data that is entered in your webshop or CRM.


The following methods are defined within the Adrescheck Basis Nationaal

Description If the requested address exists within a postal code range this API returns status, streetname, city and area code based on requested postalcode and housenumber.  Citystreetname: This API returns NEN-streetname and NEN City name based on requested postalcode.

Call details

  • Use strings. 
  • The city name accepts formal entries, like ”‘s-Gravenhage”. It also accepts most locally accepted variations, like “Den Haag”. 
  • In case of street names, this product uses NEN address formats. One of the protocols abbreviates street names to a maximum of 24 characters. In those cases it transforms “straat”, “laan” and “weg” into respectively “str”, “ln” and “wg”. Shorter street names are written in full. 
  • Expect multiple output in some cases. For instance “Kerkstraat 1 Rijswijk” returns addresses in two different cities: “Rijswijk ZH” and “Rijswijk GLD“. Similarly, “1060NN” returns six streets in one city: “Ben Alder”, “Ben Avon”, “Ben Hope”, “Ben Lawers”, “Ben Nevis” and “Ben Wyvis”, all situated in the city of “Amsterdam” . 
  • The 6 digit Postal code format is without spaces; 1000AA is valid, where 1000 AA leads to an error or empty result. 
  • The telephone area code consists of 3 or 4 digits. 

Please consider (1) field input capital insensitive and (2) field names capital sensitive.


Request postalcode

postalcodeMThe postalcode of the delivery address 2592AK
housenumberMThe house number of the delivery address 25

Response Postalcode:

statusEquals 1 if address exists in range, equals 0 if not1
streetNameThe street name of the delivery addressPrinses Beatrixlaan
houseNumberThe house number of the delivery address23
postalCodePostalcode of the address2595AK
cityCity of the address‘S-GRAVENHAGE 
areaCodeTelephone area code070

Request Citystreetname

postalcodeMThe Postalcode of the delivery address 2595AK

Response Citystreetname

streetNameThe street name of the delivery addressPrinses Beatrixlaan
cityCity of the address ‘S-GRAVENHAGE