Kredietcheck Zakelijk

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Please be aware: There are costs involved for the usage

Key features

Insight into the creditworthiness of your business customers
Reduce the risk of payment defaults
Prevent high debt collection cost
Easy implementation via API

Why use Kredietcheck Zakelijk ?

Before you supply services or products with deferred payment, you want to know that your invoice will be paid. The credit information supplied in the Kredietcheck Zakelijk provides insight into your customer’s financial situation. This limits the risk of payment defaults and helps prevent undesirable bad debt write-offs.

What is Kredietcheck Zakelijk Nationaal?

With the Kredietcheck Zakelijk API’s you receive creditworthiness information about your customers in the form of a Credit Flag, Credit Advice, PD rating (Probability of Default), or a combination of the above.

How does Kredietcheck Zakelijk Nationaal work?

Simply use the API to  receive the creditworthiness information about your customer.

Who can use it?

E-commerce parties
Independent (plugin) developers

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