Barcode webservice

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  2. How to use
  3. Use case
  4. Documentation SOAP
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Key features

SOAP and REST protocol
Generate barcodes based on your customer code
Information about the parcels is stored in the barcode
Each generated barcode is unique

Why use the barcode webservice?

The barcode is a unique identifier; it tells details about the sender, the receiver and about the nature of the shipment itself. Each generated barcode will be stored in a database, making each barcode generated completely unique. To be able to track and trace the status and whereabouts of a certain parcel, unique information about that parcel is needed. This information is stored in the barcode that accompanies each and every parcel that is sent via our distribution network.

The service needs to be built in such that when a parcel is ready to be sent, the system is triggered to connect to request a unique barcode. Use this barcode in the labelling and/or confirming webservice to create an unique label and confiirmation.  

Who can use it?

System integrators
E-Commerce platform providers

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